Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Example - Quick Preview!

I've missed you...

I'm well aware I have neglected this blog. I am a terrible blog-mother. Very sorry indeed.

Anyway, I have had somewhat good reason. Katie Burrett (.com) has had a very intense and amazing Summer! I've been lucky enough to do things like see Friendly Fires at Mallorca Rocks with my wonderful boyfriend, and work at Creamfields with team Mixmag... also have worked at a brilliant local festival called Brownstock... seen Snoop Dogg and De La Soul in Victoria Park... interned for Front Magazine... Met Diplo... There is just too much to put here! If I've had 3 days off to myself it has been very RARE... I'm not complaining though, I'm lucky to be so busy doing what I love. But there goes my justification of my lack of blogging. If I've been in the house, I've been editing or catching up on sleep. Possibly dying my hair.

My new website, which is being made by me (sort of), will be up in a few weeks. It will feature my recent foray into music photography, something I see being a big part of my future! And also some streetstyle work I've been doing with Armani Exchange recently.

So in conclusion - I'm not dead, and exciting stuff is coming! Bear with me...


Saturday, 18 June 2011

Ryan Callanan Preview

On Thursday (always a Thursday) Nick and I drove down to Brighton to go to the preview of "The Symbols Won't Save Us" at Ink'd Gallery.

Scratchcards for the show... Not telling what's underneath! 
Amazing chair

Spotted a lovely Philippe Starck chair

Grid of smaller works... I loved the heart at the centre (most expenisve... of course)

Support weird indeed....

Ryan and David

A print which was bought for me by the lovely Claire!

Took some snaps and pondered the art, I think RYCA is going in a much better direction with the glass and metal creations in the style of pub signs, which is his background! They really need to be seen up close to appreciate the quality, and it's so surreal to see giant symbols in such high quality materials. I must say I love the new watermelon print too, a lot more refined and in keeping with his style. I even pimped my phone with one of the stickers! Made an effort with my nails too in honour of the show, blue pink and orange! (apologies for the iPhone photo...)

Mishka Autumn/Winter (Behind the Scenes)

On Tuesday I conducted some exciting interviews for Mixmag, shadowing a Mishka shoot for the Autumn/Winter lookbook. It was shot by Steve Glashier (brilliant video director and photog) with a tiny team led by Laurence, with me shooting behind-the-scenes images. Very exciting to find out he directed Kila Kela "Built Like An Amplifier" (one of my faves) and Juliette and the Licks "Hot Kiss". Also got some very good advice from him!

Amazing video for Fatboy Slim...

and his showreel:

Who is this Jimmy Fingers?! Sort of like a UK Har Mar Superstar?! Amazing.

Anyway, during the course of the day I was lucky enough to speak to Redlight (DJ Clipz), Peigh, Alix Perez, Subscape and Rod Azlan, who I chatted to in depth about Chatham, the people in it and how his vision of it is -"it's like Brick Lane but with no money"! He is actually from the Medway area himself, so it was interesting to talk to someone so successful doing what he loves about the town and what it holds for us creative types!

I have transcribed the interviews (I did this on the tube while laughing to myself about how I had to record Redlight's again in high speed voices because we didn't press record first time and Rod talking about chips!) but I won't put them up yet until they're all sorted and finalised with Mixmag, as there are two more to come!

Here is one of the images, only sharing it so early just because they used the amazing David Walker's artwork as the background for the shot of Subscape and Rod Azlan! I sincerely hope they use that for the lookbook, would be great coverage. I'll post links to the Mixmag site when all the stuff is up!

If you go down to London Bridge today...

Had a very interesting week staying with the boyfriend, as his birthday came up and he's done basically EVERYTHING in his twenty eight years... so I booked The London Bridge Experience in the morning last minute... (Some interviews I had planned for Mixmag were cancelled the evening before...)

Now, the initial tour with the history of London Bridge is really good with great actors that really set the scene, and kinda freak you out as they're so into it. They're also really funny, kinda Bill bailey style... Nick and I couldn't stop laughing. Our team leader was a twelve year old in a fleece (!) that wasn't scared of ANYTHING. I was a bit annoyed at this because I was so freaked out it was unreal, screaming at everything. However, he has ruined his own fun because what was the point of him being there?! Along with quite a few people who answered the actors with "er... I don't speak English..."

Then they take you to The London Tombs... which you shouldn't do if you have a heart condition or asthma, but Nick decided to forgo his asthmatic condition to join in (as his isn't very serious anyway...) Apparently the tour works wonders for bringing on labour if you're pregnant and overdue... but bear in mind your kid will be born into evil!

This is honestly the scariest thing I've ever done in my life, I don't cope well with being scared (I will easily not sleep for days) with my worst film being "The Ring". I don't really want to spoil it for anyone but if you are anything like me, and could really do without placing yourself in that actual situation... you will love it! Because the adrenaline is amazing, saving me time and money on expensive/dangerous thrill seeking activities like sky diving... seriously, you have to go! Book the early/late bird deal on Ticketmaster and pay 11 quid each. Lovely. Although you walk out onto the streets of London at 12pm and feel like you're in 28 Days Later... every carton dropped by a delivery man made me jump out of my skin, so much so that I had to go sit by the river to chill out. No images sadly, as they are forbidden! But ultimately this is good because you need to go experience the sights, sounds and smells...

Friday, 10 June 2011

My work in the Oxo Tower & street art

Last week I visited the Oxo Tower on the Southbank to see an exhibition of Fashion Promotion third years' work... I did some photography for Blane Chapman's final portfolio, and also his final project which was a publication called Alt.

Also spotted some work by the very talented Laura Crouch which I shot months ago... excuse the plastic glare! Plastic + lights + camera = chaos!

Also exciting this week, I was given a print by the amazing David Walker, his work is a must-see. Beautiful portraits of women in constructed with spray paint, no brushes! I helped out with the artwork capture for David's release of new prints through Squarity, which have been created into some of the best digital artwork prints I've seen. (I don't recommend flattening one out with sunbed cream, candles and water bottles, though!)

Very proud of my 1/50 edition! It's going straight up on the wall as soon as I can get a frame.

Also, if you're around Brighton then check out this show...

A major solo show, focusing on his new work under his full name. I think it shows the more serious side of his work! Very excited for the private view! Check out his website here.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Dann Holliday

This post is not merely a homage to my friend Daniel, who takes turns to take me out to dinner and I him (we used to really like Chimichangas but it's changed drastically...)

He is currently applying for internships... He studies Fashion Atelier (fancy) and so he asked me to do some portfolio shots to send along. Apparently all the big fashion houses need to see images now. His work is really good so I wanted to do it justice. We were afforded just one afternoon and a University corridor. I did a few detail layouts... at first we shot on a white background with flash, it looked too fake so we went for sunlight (at 5pm!) and did some nice working backgrounds. Makes it a bit more active I think.

I love this dress... we spent some time in Bluewater looking for climbing rope for this, God knows where he found it in the end, can't wait to see it finished.
This jacket can be short or long... so clever.
Amazing two piece in I think wool, or definitely some sort of wooly material.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

I wanna see your Peacock!

Last night we went to see my total idol, Katy Perry herself... not the usual sort of "gig" I guess but whatevs, I loved it! There's something about watching acts like her and Usher (a few weeks ago), the production and actual show are amazing. But BF was having none of it, and proclaimed Katy Perry needs to put on a show whereas The Vaccines can hold their own with their songs. Which may be true for them, but it is a totally different ball game I think.

The first thing we noticed at the venue was the smell in the air, not the usual gig one of sweat and beers, but of kinda cherry candyfloss. Makes sense since a limited run of her album were released with a candyfloss scent! Never experienced this at a gig or "concert" before but it really gave it an edge... well as edgy as candyfloss smell can get!

I love her singing and music anyway but I absolutely loved the fact she did a medley of other artists songs (Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Willow Smith and JAY Z - Big Pimpin'... so legendary) and changed her outfits and the theme of the set more times than I can even remember.

The laser show during ET was out of this world (boom) and the mass gingerbread man dancers at the end were hilarious... I am definitely in love with this woman.

She did at least four outfit changes during "Hot n Cold", some of them just walking through a metre wide curtain... I really don't understand how she managed it! But every single one was amazing, especially the Peacock and the glitter cape. I also couldn't believe she was only at Hammersmith Apollo with a show like that, but I think the production ensured next time she will be at the o2 or something!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Interviews, Venison & Soap Vases

Lovely hipster view from the train...
As usual, the event I am writing about was a few weeks ago because I am slightly behind at the moment! Maybe it was even last week... I don't know, I've lost track of the concept of time!

Basically, Blane Chapman over at Chav in Skinny Jeans was conducting an interview with the crazily multi-talented Ollie Olanipekun, and I popped along for the day to photograph it and generally hang out/eat Mcdonalds/meet up with Georgie. 

I spotted a lovely t-shirt shop with the nerdiest photography t-shirts, might have to pop back and get one! Hasselblad please!

The interview took place at The Old Blue Last, and when I told my Dad about this on the phone, he was going on about how in the old days it was good and how his Girlfriend used to hang out there a lot. Apparently there was a guy who used to play piano there... so that's interesting... my only experience of it was extremely wasted, but I noticed how lovely it was in the daytime this time around! I took some photos of the surroundings:

Massive gap in the floor... standard!

During the actual interview bit, I was dotting around trying to get the best images possible with a 50mm fixed lens (feeling a bit like the worst paparazzo ever/an unrelenting stalker), totally got in some guys way and then he ended up moving to the other side of the pub... I think the images came out very well regardless! To hear/see the actual interview of Ollie's exploits of a very successful guy moving from Coventry to London, you're gonna have to wait until Blane decides to publish it!

My fave portrait!
We then met Georgie and took ourselves over to McDonalds like the classy people we are, then met my old friend Elliot at the gallery Haunch of Venison, where he is working.

Georgie excited to see art!

George and me
Blane pondering art and/or life

You will be SHOCKED when I tell you that all of those figures (aside from the painting obviously) were made of SOAP. I kid you not. The Korean artist Meekyoung Shin has recreated sculptures and classical Chinese porcelain. In soap. It's all about dislocation and translation, heightened by some vases being presented on the crates they are shipped over in, clearly marked "Korea". 

I will leave you on this massive photo-essay of a post with a lovely picture of some typical East London graffiti that made me smile.