Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Creator's Project: Mark Ronson

I have 7 giant laundry bags and three suitcases to unpack, just to er repack again (!) so naturally I am procrastinating big time. I seem to have got myself lost in this website, . A partnership between Intel and Vice, The Creators Project is described as a network dedicated to the celebration of creativity and culture across media, and around the world.

This video of Mark Ronson is one of my faves; Not only because he is hot stuff, but it's really interesting to get an insight into the way he produces music, the way he puts it all together and considers EVERYTHING in terms of technology and sound. Love the way he considers the music industry and the technology of blogging and how it is affecting it. It's something I often think about, is blogging about your work a help or hindrance? It's almost as if people are becoming more accessible and less of the rock star enigma that they once were, but at the same time, how hard will it be to get noticed when everyone else is doing it and you're not out there?

The whole Creators Project website is worth a look, as is their events page, because they have some stuff coming up in NY and London. Oh how I wish that the NY one was in September!! Looking forward to more details of the London one though. Become a fan on Facebook by clicking here to receive more updates as and when.

Check out Brodinski too for more music related, why I am more interested in those than art/fashion I will never know! I have a secret wish to be a DJ/singer but until then, Lips on the xbox and my obsession with male musicians will have to suffice.

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