Monday, 18 October 2010


Thinking about how to present my work for the upcoming exhibition... I have mostly been inspired by a Rankin exhibition I interned at that had the most gorgeous giant lightboxes with fashion images... and erm...

Topshop at Westfield's current behind counter display of 9 square images on lightboxes!

Love this on the left (via

Although because our idea is of discord, and my images will be "otherworldly", I'm currently thinking of having the room dimly light and the viewer has to approach the lightbox to turn it on... and therefore is extremely close and just immersed in the image...

With A4 being £60 and A3 wall mountable £100, (and my "dream" of having a set of three square,) I may have to rely on electrician/lighting boyfriend for help making some!

Also, with every search I conduct I am more and more intrigued by the idea of S.A.D. lightboxes... do I need one? Have I got S.A.D.?! Is that why I'm so down about the dark? And the people in the adverts just look so damn happy...

Setbuild Project

Here is a link to a stop motion film of the wonderful, wonderful (ahem) setbuild project which cost £500 and made me ill from stress...

I am the one with the awful grey hoodie... (edit: there was a lot of grey hoodie going on that week, your guess is as good as mine. Although I am sporting a fetching leopard print jumper that has since been relegated to pyjama wear...) In all honesty I did have loads of fun and I didn't think my course could get more challenging than say, recreating an entire film scene... designing and producing an exhibition is definitely more so.

Here is the original film scene:

And our rendition:

we did pretty well I think. All furniture was made by the team (with generous help from model maker Paul Coley) and everything was either made or sourced by us.

Shot on Hasselblad, lighting by Arri.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Planning an Exhibition

This is indeed what I am doing... must be crazy. It'll be called DIS.CORD. Holding it in an abandoned church or disused beauty salon coz we're cool, I'm working with 4 great other artists in the realm of fashion and conceptual photography, will be uploading the press release ASAP.

In other news I am going to see Darwin Deez on Friday with my favourite Doc Martens Georgie... Hoping to get a few snaps...

What else... I am going to be shooting mostly on medium format from now, got a shoot to do with Nik Elder again on digital though... andddd need to arrange a work placement for December... must get on that today! Been checking up on loads of names and places, Le Book rocks...