Thursday, 31 December 2009

"Intern loose with a compact"

From Andrea's blog:

Some images I took behind the scenes, edited by her.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Staying at my Dad's for the holidays, leaving poor old Kevin alone in the flat to carry on his stint at Debenhams! Recent high points in his career have been suggesting alcohol as a present from a Muslim couple to their teenage daughter. Go on Kev!

I don't think that the fammo is totally loving me going to bed at 5am and waking at like 2pm (I stay up watching their telly in the absence of one in the flat back home), so I stayed up for 2 whole days trying to get myself to be tired at 12 like a normal person, and it didn't work and I was no more tired than before. Something is definitley uppp... it is nice being around family though, and the nice food cooked, proper fire etc. Although fires are a bit of a hassle, and coal is expensive man. For what it is.

So anyway, I thought while I am here cut off in the land of Leigh on Sea, I would get some work done.

The new project is really far away from the commercial fashion stuff. It's basically a study of my adoption notes and turning them into scenes from this alterior person's life, like as if nothing had changed and I had stayed there and retained the name "Sally Murray" (my original birth name).

I will detail it more as the project goes on, with the different aspects chosen for the shots. I'm shooting on large format using a horseman (crazy ass hard to set up camera, need to photograph it in action!) and Ilford 6x4, I have 25 shots but I'm aiming for ten finals so it shouldn't be a problem. I'm intending on making a presentation to go along with it to show my tutors... feeling a bit weird about it... since it will have so much personal stuff in, but now's the time I guess.

The thing will be called Tracing Memories - ironically "tracing" is the term for searching for biological parents. Will be a nice upbeat set I reckons!

Oh, and the final result will be a mock up book, so yeah, will be posting bits of this as and when it happens. So far I've planned out my process, booked a houseboat shoot (will explain later and 5th Jan) and dissected the adoption notes for things to use in my imagery, such as biological parents love of music...

PS I have been added to the Vice network of blogs... 'citin!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Model Mayhem

Managed to find time to update my profile...

Have been working on sets of photos to show the continuity in my shoots, also single photos were taking up my photo quota!

There's a couple of images that I have finally got together, such as Abbie and Immaculata's sets. Proud of my photoshop skills right now...

Chelsie Hood

I'm uploading these bit by bit, which I understand is pretty annoying, but it's the only way of doing it that leaves me relatively sane... uploading pictures as and when I like them/resize them...

The effects we used here were totally collaborative and I love the end result! We were a goood team.

Styling & design: Chelsie Hood
Assistant: Grace Brennan
Make up: Alice Benbow

Friday, 11 December 2009

Mish Mash Clash

Was originally intended to be a really clean British magazine style. We then changed it to a more romantic edgy look and so changed the colours...

Styling - Hannah Robinson

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Grace's Shoot

It just occurred to me that I never covered it on here, been so busy, here's an image from it. More to follow.

Kevin wants to make it in the BIIIIG city.

I currently have a Kevin in my room swishing about on my computer chair and shouting random crap. We're both eating Ben and Jerrys that we drove to Asda specially for. I've had 2 hours sleep. My room is covered in washing, shoes, books and I have an unmade bed.

It is deadline day. DUN DUN DUN.

Three projects were due in at 12pm this afternoon. For once in my life, I actually finished to a good standard (I hope) prior to the deadline and didn't feel an impending sense of doom when handing it in. I did finish about 4 hours before the deadline though, it has to be said... If it carries on like this, I could be finished up to a DAY before the deadline by the time it gets to dissertation. I'd be happy with that.

Other bits and pieces:

I've started using twitter...

I miss Budapest like crazy. (Will have to blog this in detail soon!)

I took time out of my busy schedule (...*cough*...) to assist Andrea Carter Bowman on Saturday. The shoot was styled by Rebecca Corbin Murray and was in a word, awesome! The whole team were so lovely and the shoot itself was amazing, I will never get over the fear of a model in those crazy Alexander McQueen shoe boots, swaying like a tree in the wind. I never even thought I'd see them in real life... but there they were! Love it!

Watching somebodies professional shoot process was so good, it gave me a ton of ideas and more insight into the real fashion industry. I've worked with a couple of photographers before but I really did get so much more out of this one, the way it came together and everybody's input etc! I did the backstage shots so I'll be pointing to them on Andrea's blog when they appear. We were at Direct Studios and as the shot shows, I was tied to my sketchbook in between outfit changes.

I had the opportunity to assist on an editorial with Luke Newman on Friday but sadly had to turn it down because of Uni work commitments i.e. the pinhole camera I made didn't want to work, and if it doesn't want to work then I fail the project.... ho hum. That'll teach me to bury my head in the sand when it all goes wrong.

In other news, I bought a Christmas tree from Asda for my halls room to feel a bit more festive. I put the lights on it today, it looks ace, even if I do say so myself.