Thursday, 25 March 2010

Visual Seduction

The title of my latest project, I had to extend or create a new campaign for a chosen brand.

I chose the wonderful Tom Ford, and here are the results!

Got good feedback today from my group critique, so happy! The models like them too which is fab.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Three For a Girl

A band shoot from last week:

A couple of test edits from JPG for the style, mostly for Lucy and Tom's benefit!...

Management: Tom Packman

An exhibition to check out...

= A pokemon themed art show!

24th - 31st March at Blackall studios, Leonard street

I am releasing my inner child and DS fiend here.... I bloody loved pokémon!

Anyway, seven artists have been commissioned to create a Pokémon inspired piece of artwork to celebrate Nintendo's newest Pokémon releases on the DS, and are holding an exhibition to showcase the works, from 25th - 31st March, at Blackall Studios.

Go to to see more of the artwork and enter the competition, where you could win entry to the opening party on the 24th... lots of drinkkk, Friendly Fires, Filthy Dukes, Pokémon themed food (I am excited to see what this means) and of course Nintendo products to sample while you view the artwork!

My favourite by Jon Burgerman, a blog following him and his work can be found here

Go enter the competition and then hopefully, I will see you there...

Friday, 12 March 2010

Busy couple of weeks

We have our setbuild project at Uni, as well as a Sequence and Series project, Essay and Fashion project. All at once. WOW.

Myself and the setbuild group (my flatmates plus Charlie) have decided to do a still from Old Boy after considering The Fly (gross), Let the Right One In, Thirst and some others including kevin's contribution, a Beatles musical set in the Vietnam war (love you really Kev). I am yet to be sent this still so will post when I recieve it.

The Fashion project I have already mentioned, I am creating a new campaign for Tom Ford Eyewear and it has to be believable as the next campign. No pressure or anything... I also cannot wait to see A Single Man, if only there were somewhere around here showing it. I have to wait until next week to see it in the city! Very impressed that the main star of the ads Jon Kortajarena is in it, who I may or may not be a tiny bit in love with.

a m a z i n g

Also, he is quoted as saying "I am a hopeless romantic. I believe in that grand love which can change your life in five days. Maybe it is just because I´m too young, but I really hope to believe the same at the end of my days." Wow.

So this is a very quickly retouched (for colour) version of one of my shots from my shoot... I have planned to get one of Fran alone, one of my male model Geoff alone and a couple shot, but after showing them to my tutor I have decided to crop Geoff to make it more eyewear and less menswear. I need to spent sooo much time on these for the hair and everything eek! But should be cool once it's done. Still need to pick the final 3 shots!

In other news, I did a promo shoot for Three For a Girl styled by Lucy Emma Harris, all arranged by their lovely manager Tom. A few of them should be being illustrated over by the amazing Toby Triumph which is exciting. The contact sheets are being poured over at the moment so I will upload a few of these when they are done!