Friday, 12 March 2010

Busy couple of weeks

We have our setbuild project at Uni, as well as a Sequence and Series project, Essay and Fashion project. All at once. WOW.

Myself and the setbuild group (my flatmates plus Charlie) have decided to do a still from Old Boy after considering The Fly (gross), Let the Right One In, Thirst and some others including kevin's contribution, a Beatles musical set in the Vietnam war (love you really Kev). I am yet to be sent this still so will post when I recieve it.

The Fashion project I have already mentioned, I am creating a new campaign for Tom Ford Eyewear and it has to be believable as the next campign. No pressure or anything... I also cannot wait to see A Single Man, if only there were somewhere around here showing it. I have to wait until next week to see it in the city! Very impressed that the main star of the ads Jon Kortajarena is in it, who I may or may not be a tiny bit in love with.

a m a z i n g

Also, he is quoted as saying "I am a hopeless romantic. I believe in that grand love which can change your life in five days. Maybe it is just because I´m too young, but I really hope to believe the same at the end of my days." Wow.

So this is a very quickly retouched (for colour) version of one of my shots from my shoot... I have planned to get one of Fran alone, one of my male model Geoff alone and a couple shot, but after showing them to my tutor I have decided to crop Geoff to make it more eyewear and less menswear. I need to spent sooo much time on these for the hair and everything eek! But should be cool once it's done. Still need to pick the final 3 shots!

In other news, I did a promo shoot for Three For a Girl styled by Lucy Emma Harris, all arranged by their lovely manager Tom. A few of them should be being illustrated over by the amazing Toby Triumph which is exciting. The contact sheets are being poured over at the moment so I will upload a few of these when they are done!

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