Monday, 8 November 2010


Japanese brand Ambush collaborates with Cassette Playa to create pendants, bracelets, brooches and more.

Really love this collection and think it works brilliantly, anything Casette Playa touches is usually gold anyway but this is on another level!

The collection will be released early next year and I got hold of the lookbook while at Mixmag, which shows pieces mixed with complementary clothing that really show it off.

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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Working for Mixmag

So this month, all my widest dreams came true and I was given a placement at Mixmag HQ in Islington. It was definitely the best placement I've ever done, and I rediscovered my secret love of writing.

The best bit being, this month I will be published! (I actually squealed in the office when I found this out...) I have suggested my top five nights out for December to January so please check it out! and researched "fun facts" and witty quips on each night, they probably aren't very funny but I got wikipedia madness pretty quickly...

I have also been contributing online at Mixmag Fashion and here is a not so flattering post featuring me giving it my all in a tomato fight...

Here we are at Golden Square in Soho, after running for the bus and onto the tube, running to Soho, getting fully kitted out and then having 15 minutes free to comprehend what we had signed up for... I wondered if everyone who had stayed at the office had infact had the right idea, but we ended up having a great time! Tomatoes are harder than I thought though...

Other stuff I did included clearing out a mammoth shelf (which made me quite legendary), scanned a lot of magazine covers, researched fashion topics, did fashion returns to PR companies and more... will have to have a proper think! These two weeks have gone so fast, I've moved back to the delightful Chatham (where 'Coppers' is based) and even though I'm enjoying my first lazy day in ages, I'm missing work being work and evenings, or what is left of them, being free to go to exhibitions, restaurants and the like!

I left on a high at 'That Mixmag Thing' at The Queen of Hoxton on Friday night, which was so good and had all the free Agua I could shake a stick at, but made handling a camera more and more difficult. I will upload some photos when I start editing.

I will be carrying on writing for Mixmag Fashion and taking snaps, waiting on my Mixmag ID to come through... exciting stuff!


Continuing on mine and my flatmate Kevin's adventures (I do mention him quite a bit), Thursday night held for us a night of great importance... we attended the private view of Andy Willsher at The Hoxton Book Club. Lovely venue, really lovely guy! His work really held it's own because of the monochrome theme, his prints are currently on sale via his site and I lusted after a beautiful massive photograph of Amy Winehouse. Can see it going perfectly in my little bedroom!

I managed to get an interview with some juicy goss about Amy Winehouse and others... to be uploaded as soon as I get the mp3 from the dictaphone... The venue itself is lovely. Really original and raw, the lighting is not as focused on the work as I would like but then it's not always possible in a used space! Myself, Kevin and a few others are currently putting an exhibition on in a similar venue so it was great research, and was talking to the lovely Freya at TBC about how they set up.

Images by Kevin Langley

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I've been influenced by my housemates to start taking the blogging shebang seriously, probably should as I've been doing it properly this week for Mixmag and am even getting published this month! Will elaborate more then I get a spare moment (they don't come often...)


Monday, 18 October 2010


Thinking about how to present my work for the upcoming exhibition... I have mostly been inspired by a Rankin exhibition I interned at that had the most gorgeous giant lightboxes with fashion images... and erm...

Topshop at Westfield's current behind counter display of 9 square images on lightboxes!

Love this on the left (via

Although because our idea is of discord, and my images will be "otherworldly", I'm currently thinking of having the room dimly light and the viewer has to approach the lightbox to turn it on... and therefore is extremely close and just immersed in the image...

With A4 being £60 and A3 wall mountable £100, (and my "dream" of having a set of three square,) I may have to rely on electrician/lighting boyfriend for help making some!

Also, with every search I conduct I am more and more intrigued by the idea of S.A.D. lightboxes... do I need one? Have I got S.A.D.?! Is that why I'm so down about the dark? And the people in the adverts just look so damn happy...

Setbuild Project

Here is a link to a stop motion film of the wonderful, wonderful (ahem) setbuild project which cost £500 and made me ill from stress...

I am the one with the awful grey hoodie... (edit: there was a lot of grey hoodie going on that week, your guess is as good as mine. Although I am sporting a fetching leopard print jumper that has since been relegated to pyjama wear...) In all honesty I did have loads of fun and I didn't think my course could get more challenging than say, recreating an entire film scene... designing and producing an exhibition is definitely more so.

Here is the original film scene:

And our rendition:

we did pretty well I think. All furniture was made by the team (with generous help from model maker Paul Coley) and everything was either made or sourced by us.

Shot on Hasselblad, lighting by Arri.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Planning an Exhibition

This is indeed what I am doing... must be crazy. It'll be called DIS.CORD. Holding it in an abandoned church or disused beauty salon coz we're cool, I'm working with 4 great other artists in the realm of fashion and conceptual photography, will be uploading the press release ASAP.

In other news I am going to see Darwin Deez on Friday with my favourite Doc Martens Georgie... Hoping to get a few snaps...

What else... I am going to be shooting mostly on medium format from now, got a shoot to do with Nik Elder again on digital though... andddd need to arrange a work placement for December... must get on that today! Been checking up on loads of names and places, Le Book rocks...



Thursday, 30 September 2010


I have recently been following the series of videos Palladium are making, exploring hidden, forgotten and abandoned places in urban environments. It is called "explorations"...

The famous boots brand have pulled out all the stops with groundbreaking coverage of new and, more importantly, relevant stories for young people. Very interesting! This issue follows Johnny Knoxville.

Today, the young people of the Motor City are making it their own DIY paradise where rules are second to passion and creativity. It seems to be a hub for new business because of the increased freedom and being a lot cheaper than centres like New York. They are creating the new Detroit on their own terms, against real adversity. It is so inspiring to see what can be done when the youth come together to try and build on what future generations once had. It's really worth watching!


Monday, 27 September 2010


A great new band discovered on the grapevine, their new single Toothache (free to download here) is a fresh new take on indie, away from all the kooks-style mellow guitars and whiney singing, more like a chilled Kasabian with a dance edge. Very much my sort of thing! Can see big things for them, especially after their UK tour and playing KOKO in November. Can't wait to catch them live and review it! Also worth a listen is the moody "white light passenger" which I have just fallen in love with! Definitely one for fans of Massive Attack, it weirdly manages to be unsettling and calming at the same time.....

Catch them at:

Sept 30th Buffalo Bar London
Oct 13th Dublin Castle London
Oct 31st Whistle Binkies Edinburgh
Nov 1st Tunnels Aberdeen
Nov 2nd Nice N Sleazy Glasgow
Nov 4th Night & Day Manchester
Nov 5th Bowery Sheffield
Nov 6th Flapper Birmingham
Nov 11th Haymakers Cambridge
Nov 13th This Feeling London
Nov 19th KOKO Club NME London


london streetstyle

Two Door Cinema Club

I was very lucky to be given a ticket to this show at the Shepherd's Bush O2 Empire, I haven't been into the band that long but they certainly delivered! Opening with their more well known stuff like Undercover Martyn and continuining with singles and more stuff from Tourist History, throwing in a new song too. Ending with I Can Talk, and a stream of red and white confetti. I also loved the fact that the lead singer looks just like my house mate Kev. The atmosphere was good, not as mainstream yet as I would have expected which was lovely, support from WE HAVE BAND was good but so not what I expected! The Two Door Cinema Club lunchboxes for sale were awesome, which would have come in especially handy as I gave mine away yesterday... Just an excuse to go see them again! x

i'm a legal alien

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


was insane! I had an opportunity to do some fashion work out there but what with one thing and another, I ended up just going for a lovely holiday at Ibiza Rocks without my dear old camera. Strange that I felt pretty selfish about going away for a break but there you go! I went in July this year, just after going to Marbella, should have definitely rearranged those two breaks. I had a major relaxing week in a private villa and then a crazy week of no sleep in a hostel and then fully fledged party hotel. I also gained myself a wonderful Ibiza boy who is definitely here for keeps!

I'm a bit wary of putting the wasted ones out there (sure they will come back to haunt me) but we captured some great moments and some good celebs haha, so here is the clean edition.

We hit up everywhere, made the most of it and had definitely one of the best weeks of my year (although there were several wicked ones...) I think if you see in the year in a good way, it influences the rest. I was wasted at The Old Blue Last... so who knows!

calvin harris

example soundcheck


Kylie at pacha (so good)

I have more to put up in dribs and drabs... bear with me as always!

Kopparberg Klash: Style

I've known about this competition that Vice is running for a while now, they also have a photography sector and I've been wondering what kinda thing to enter (hard hitting large format adoption themed or canon shot shallow fashion?!) and in the mean time, stylist Blane has only gone and got to the semi finals with a shoot we did together!

In the run up to the final event (a live style-off at the London Fields pub, sponsored by Kopparberg with F R E E cider) Vice fans are visiting the event page and voting for their fave by "liking" it. Sweet Dreams DJs will be there and also free on-site alterations and jumble sale. The overall winner will be taking home £1,000 prize money as well as styling a photo shoot for and coverage in the Kopparberg Klash editorial in VICE magazine. Fingers crossed! Join in the fun here:

Click attending and then "like", the event itself is tomorrow.

Can't wait for this!


Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Creator's Project: Mark Ronson

I have 7 giant laundry bags and three suitcases to unpack, just to er repack again (!) so naturally I am procrastinating big time. I seem to have got myself lost in this website, . A partnership between Intel and Vice, The Creators Project is described as a network dedicated to the celebration of creativity and culture across media, and around the world.

This video of Mark Ronson is one of my faves; Not only because he is hot stuff, but it's really interesting to get an insight into the way he produces music, the way he puts it all together and considers EVERYTHING in terms of technology and sound. Love the way he considers the music industry and the technology of blogging and how it is affecting it. It's something I often think about, is blogging about your work a help or hindrance? It's almost as if people are becoming more accessible and less of the rock star enigma that they once were, but at the same time, how hard will it be to get noticed when everyone else is doing it and you're not out there?

The whole Creators Project website is worth a look, as is their events page, because they have some stuff coming up in NY and London. Oh how I wish that the NY one was in September!! Looking forward to more details of the London one though. Become a fan on Facebook by clicking here to receive more updates as and when.

Check out Brodinski too for more music related, why I am more interested in those than art/fashion I will never know! I have a secret wish to be a DJ/singer but until then, Lips on the xbox and my obsession with male musicians will have to suffice.