Tuesday, 20 July 2010


was insane! I had an opportunity to do some fashion work out there but what with one thing and another, I ended up just going for a lovely holiday at Ibiza Rocks without my dear old camera. Strange that I felt pretty selfish about going away for a break but there you go! I went in July this year, just after going to Marbella, should have definitely rearranged those two breaks. I had a major relaxing week in a private villa and then a crazy week of no sleep in a hostel and then fully fledged party hotel. I also gained myself a wonderful Ibiza boy who is definitely here for keeps!

I'm a bit wary of putting the wasted ones out there (sure they will come back to haunt me) but we captured some great moments and some good celebs haha, so here is the clean edition.

We hit up everywhere, made the most of it and had definitely one of the best weeks of my year (although there were several wicked ones...) I think if you see in the year in a good way, it influences the rest. I was wasted at The Old Blue Last... so who knows!

calvin harris

example soundcheck


Kylie at pacha (so good)

I have more to put up in dribs and drabs... bear with me as always!

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