Sunday, 7 November 2010

Working for Mixmag

So this month, all my widest dreams came true and I was given a placement at Mixmag HQ in Islington. It was definitely the best placement I've ever done, and I rediscovered my secret love of writing.

The best bit being, this month I will be published! (I actually squealed in the office when I found this out...) I have suggested my top five nights out for December to January so please check it out! and researched "fun facts" and witty quips on each night, they probably aren't very funny but I got wikipedia madness pretty quickly...

I have also been contributing online at Mixmag Fashion and here is a not so flattering post featuring me giving it my all in a tomato fight...

Here we are at Golden Square in Soho, after running for the bus and onto the tube, running to Soho, getting fully kitted out and then having 15 minutes free to comprehend what we had signed up for... I wondered if everyone who had stayed at the office had infact had the right idea, but we ended up having a great time! Tomatoes are harder than I thought though...

Other stuff I did included clearing out a mammoth shelf (which made me quite legendary), scanned a lot of magazine covers, researched fashion topics, did fashion returns to PR companies and more... will have to have a proper think! These two weeks have gone so fast, I've moved back to the delightful Chatham (where 'Coppers' is based) and even though I'm enjoying my first lazy day in ages, I'm missing work being work and evenings, or what is left of them, being free to go to exhibitions, restaurants and the like!

I left on a high at 'That Mixmag Thing' at The Queen of Hoxton on Friday night, which was so good and had all the free Agua I could shake a stick at, but made handling a camera more and more difficult. I will upload some photos when I start editing.

I will be carrying on writing for Mixmag Fashion and taking snaps, waiting on my Mixmag ID to come through... exciting stuff!

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