Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Staying at my Dad's for the holidays, leaving poor old Kevin alone in the flat to carry on his stint at Debenhams! Recent high points in his career have been suggesting alcohol as a present from a Muslim couple to their teenage daughter. Go on Kev!

I don't think that the fammo is totally loving me going to bed at 5am and waking at like 2pm (I stay up watching their telly in the absence of one in the flat back home), so I stayed up for 2 whole days trying to get myself to be tired at 12 like a normal person, and it didn't work and I was no more tired than before. Something is definitley uppp... it is nice being around family though, and the nice food cooked, proper fire etc. Although fires are a bit of a hassle, and coal is expensive man. For what it is.

So anyway, I thought while I am here cut off in the land of Leigh on Sea, I would get some work done.

The new project is really far away from the commercial fashion stuff. It's basically a study of my adoption notes and turning them into scenes from this alterior person's life, like as if nothing had changed and I had stayed there and retained the name "Sally Murray" (my original birth name).

I will detail it more as the project goes on, with the different aspects chosen for the shots. I'm shooting on large format using a horseman (crazy ass hard to set up camera, need to photograph it in action!) and Ilford 6x4, I have 25 shots but I'm aiming for ten finals so it shouldn't be a problem. I'm intending on making a presentation to go along with it to show my tutors... feeling a bit weird about it... since it will have so much personal stuff in, but now's the time I guess.

The thing will be called Tracing Memories - ironically "tracing" is the term for searching for biological parents. Will be a nice upbeat set I reckons!

Oh, and the final result will be a mock up book, so yeah, will be posting bits of this as and when it happens. So far I've planned out my process, booked a houseboat shoot (will explain later and 5th Jan) and dissected the adoption notes for things to use in my imagery, such as biological parents love of music...

PS I have been added to the Vice network of blogs... 'citin!

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