Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Kevin wants to make it in the BIIIIG city.

I currently have a Kevin in my room swishing about on my computer chair and shouting random crap. We're both eating Ben and Jerrys that we drove to Asda specially for. I've had 2 hours sleep. My room is covered in washing, shoes, books and I have an unmade bed.

It is deadline day. DUN DUN DUN.

Three projects were due in at 12pm this afternoon. For once in my life, I actually finished to a good standard (I hope) prior to the deadline and didn't feel an impending sense of doom when handing it in. I did finish about 4 hours before the deadline though, it has to be said... If it carries on like this, I could be finished up to a DAY before the deadline by the time it gets to dissertation. I'd be happy with that.

Other bits and pieces:

I've started using twitter...

I miss Budapest like crazy. (Will have to blog this in detail soon!)

I took time out of my busy schedule (...*cough*...) to assist Andrea Carter Bowman on Saturday. The shoot was styled by Rebecca Corbin Murray and was in a word, awesome! The whole team were so lovely and the shoot itself was amazing, I will never get over the fear of a model in those crazy Alexander McQueen shoe boots, swaying like a tree in the wind. I never even thought I'd see them in real life... but there they were! Love it!

Watching somebodies professional shoot process was so good, it gave me a ton of ideas and more insight into the real fashion industry. I've worked with a couple of photographers before but I really did get so much more out of this one, the way it came together and everybody's input etc! I did the backstage shots so I'll be pointing to them on Andrea's blog when they appear. We were at Direct Studios and as the shot shows, I was tied to my sketchbook in between outfit changes.

I had the opportunity to assist on an editorial with Luke Newman on Friday but sadly had to turn it down because of Uni work commitments i.e. the pinhole camera I made didn't want to work, and if it doesn't want to work then I fail the project.... ho hum. That'll teach me to bury my head in the sand when it all goes wrong.

In other news, I bought a Christmas tree from Asda for my halls room to feel a bit more festive. I put the lights on it today, it looks ace, even if I do say so myself.

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