Thursday, 19 November 2009

Graham Lott

is a photographer I just discovered...

Thanks to the amazing Calikartel website!

The quality and clarity of these images are stunning, something I want to work towards in the future! (Obviously waaaay off for me...)

Sometimes I wish that fashion images came along with details of how the image was shot (format, lighting etc.) just so i could try it out and not just sit here perplexed, wondering how someone creates something that perfect... I suppose that's half the fun of studying photography, experimenting so much that you can instantly tell the different tools and techniques used from looking at the image. I envy those people that can! I think I am getting better already though, which is good!

I recently spent a shoot (which I will detail soon) trying to completely eradicate shadow from the white colorama, and it took me a good while before getting it even half right. The physical process of getting the right image was so much harder than the technical information I had gained on setting it all up, the tiniest angle and changing the Broncolour by like 0.5 can affect it a lot more than I imagined!

Doing these shoots is a massive learning curve, especially when someone styling it asks me for something I genuinely don't know how to achieve, so I have to see what i can get hold of to do it, how it could be done and then just "wing it". I've learnt so much in the past few weeks!

However; it should be noted that this is all just personal work and nothing towards my degree (!!!) so i am panicking slightly at spending so much time on side projects. In Uni I've been using pinhole, large format and making panoramas and i'll detail that all soon too. Citin!

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