Monday, 16 November 2009

I have been watching way too much of:

America's Next Top Model

I saw my first episode Thursday (my flatmate put it on while I was working in the kitchen) and I am HOOKED! Why have I never watched it before?! It is amazing, I love all the shoots and Tyra is hilarious. Sadly enough, we actually pick up some pretty good tips from it. Like smizing! I myself will never be able to smize, but I want my future models to do it!

& Skins

I love this show but my flatmate had never seen it, so we watched two series in 3 days, hardly moving from the same spot, and having random episodes of ANTM in between. Then we tried to watch the third series and switched it off halfway through second episode... total crap. The first ones though, have sorted my new mantra for life.... "fuck it." I'm going to do everything I can, starting with getting an ebay account (the crappest thing on my list)... this is a necessity because I now can't even be arsed to walk to town to rummage in second hand shops. Why bother when I can hand pick them online?

To be honest I don't see me ever leaving the flat again. What a strange weekend this has been.

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