Monday, 16 November 2009

My first "proper" shoot of this Uni year

All photography and editing by myself... although Blane's choice of editing, he loves crop and grain just a bit(!)


Models: Amie Maynard and James McKeever
Stylist: Blane Chapman
Stylist's Assistant: Kylie Tye
Assistants: Daniel Holliday & Nicole Macfarlane

A few major flattering photos of us "on set" too:

It was a really fun shoot, the models are a couple and so there was a great chemistry between them and no awkwardness. We changed locations a couple of times which broke it up a bit and it was hilarious moving all the stuff to the other house in view of all the cranky junkies!! Everything ran smoothly minus a light burning out and thus stopping the electricity in the whole basement, and a couple of trips during the running scenes! But all in all, very successful, even though the drinking started waay before the shoot, haha! 8 have to be selected out of these lot... not sure which will be chosen.

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