Sunday, 16 August 2009

Most tiring week ever...

I've been working like crazy, going to Rankin every day and then also doing a couple of shoots. No time for blogging and such, not even on my Blackberry on the train, but I've been trying to fit it in! Here's a couple of unedited previews anyway...

Thursday night I had a shoot with a girl called Abbie Day, using a MUA called Clare Bradshaw and it was a great success! We were going for a 60s look, taking full advantage of Abbie's lovely red hair and fringe, with a white straight up and down dress. The make up look was kinda grey eyes with black along the socket and BIG false eyelashes (of course!)

We started with a studio set up (including creased to buggery pop up interfit background) and then progressed to some casual daylight shots on the balcony, then using the lighting outside to give it an ethereal edge. I'm not sure if I liked these ones as much as the others, but the proof will be in the editing. The studio ones are out of this world though, I'm so happy, we achieved our goal of gaining some great beauty shots! I'm so pleased they're both close, it means I can set up some casual last minute stuff if I get a great idea.

Friday after work I had a shoot with Immaculata, an agency signed model from Kingston. The shoot was intended to be sort of Brick Lane Indie chick and I think it went veryyy well! We managed to leave our stuff upstairs at Rankin Live and then she got changed in Cafe 1001. Just randomly went around the area finding good locations, I love doing this! I decided to ask a record shop called Nudge on Hanbury street if we could do a couple of shots in there and it was fine, the only stipulation being that the guy wants the photos! So that's cool! We were under a bit of a time and memory card limit (oh dear!!!) but other than that it was fab, and both of us were happy!

I now just need to get ahead on editing these and other shoots around work, which is hard travelling to Southend to avoid National Rail's train strike too! BUT it's over, so hopefully I'll be able to get a lot more done. Woohoo. This is quite possibly the saddest thing I'll ever say, but I've gotten used to the c2c trains and stations. They're soooo much better, especially when you are the type of person that falls asleep on trains. They announce and have a lit sign on the train with the current station! None of that round these parts I'm afraid.


Also, I've become obsessed with this song....

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