Monday, 10 August 2009

This is going to sound ridiculous...

Just set up my blog... not quite sure about all this! I can't even keep up with Twitter. But apparently I have to set up a blog to "network" so here goes...

No work today, I felt ill (in a previously thought swine flu infested house, however we now know this isn't the case...) and was on the verge of a mental breakdown, I feel... I encountered a horrible train station man, amongst other things...

(Work is being a lowly intern at Rankin Live on Brick Lane.. I love it! Crazy hours though...)

Something photo related? I have 3 shoots planned next week, very excited although I'm not getting the time to plan owt for them. One is studio (as close to studio as a home lighting kit can get) and two are location in London. I'm thinking some sort of indie trendy Brick Lane vibe... VERRRYY original eh? One of the London girls wants high fashion black and white so that's cool, I'm confident in my abilities in that area. Kind of.

This was not such a good idea, rather than publicising my talent, I'm merely showing everyone my self disbelief! Ah well, hopefully the results will show for themselves over the next 3 years... :|

My site - - should be going up soon, when me and the lovely Az at can both find time to sort all the little bits out! I have been editing at odd hours when I get a spare moment, so much more to do though. Didn't realise how complicated it is!

Why is it you have to do so many things at once to be able to get somewhere, or be "discovered"?

I want a lucky break!

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