Sunday, 20 March 2011

I wanna see your Peacock!

Last night we went to see my total idol, Katy Perry herself... not the usual sort of "gig" I guess but whatevs, I loved it! There's something about watching acts like her and Usher (a few weeks ago), the production and actual show are amazing. But BF was having none of it, and proclaimed Katy Perry needs to put on a show whereas The Vaccines can hold their own with their songs. Which may be true for them, but it is a totally different ball game I think.

The first thing we noticed at the venue was the smell in the air, not the usual gig one of sweat and beers, but of kinda cherry candyfloss. Makes sense since a limited run of her album were released with a candyfloss scent! Never experienced this at a gig or "concert" before but it really gave it an edge... well as edgy as candyfloss smell can get!

I love her singing and music anyway but I absolutely loved the fact she did a medley of other artists songs (Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Willow Smith and JAY Z - Big Pimpin'... so legendary) and changed her outfits and the theme of the set more times than I can even remember.

The laser show during ET was out of this world (boom) and the mass gingerbread man dancers at the end were hilarious... I am definitely in love with this woman.

She did at least four outfit changes during "Hot n Cold", some of them just walking through a metre wide curtain... I really don't understand how she managed it! But every single one was amazing, especially the Peacock and the glitter cape. I also couldn't believe she was only at Hammersmith Apollo with a show like that, but I think the production ensured next time she will be at the o2 or something!

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