Thursday, 24 March 2011

Dann Holliday

This post is not merely a homage to my friend Daniel, who takes turns to take me out to dinner and I him (we used to really like Chimichangas but it's changed drastically...)

He is currently applying for internships... He studies Fashion Atelier (fancy) and so he asked me to do some portfolio shots to send along. Apparently all the big fashion houses need to see images now. His work is really good so I wanted to do it justice. We were afforded just one afternoon and a University corridor. I did a few detail layouts... at first we shot on a white background with flash, it looked too fake so we went for sunlight (at 5pm!) and did some nice working backgrounds. Makes it a bit more active I think.

I love this dress... we spent some time in Bluewater looking for climbing rope for this, God knows where he found it in the end, can't wait to see it finished.
This jacket can be short or long... so clever.
Amazing two piece in I think wool, or definitely some sort of wooly material.

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