Friday, 10 June 2011

My work in the Oxo Tower & street art

Last week I visited the Oxo Tower on the Southbank to see an exhibition of Fashion Promotion third years' work... I did some photography for Blane Chapman's final portfolio, and also his final project which was a publication called Alt.

Also spotted some work by the very talented Laura Crouch which I shot months ago... excuse the plastic glare! Plastic + lights + camera = chaos!

Also exciting this week, I was given a print by the amazing David Walker, his work is a must-see. Beautiful portraits of women in constructed with spray paint, no brushes! I helped out with the artwork capture for David's release of new prints through Squarity, which have been created into some of the best digital artwork prints I've seen. (I don't recommend flattening one out with sunbed cream, candles and water bottles, though!)

Very proud of my 1/50 edition! It's going straight up on the wall as soon as I can get a frame.

Also, if you're around Brighton then check out this show...

A major solo show, focusing on his new work under his full name. I think it shows the more serious side of his work! Very excited for the private view! Check out his website here.

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  1. I actually love that melon picture, gonna put some random frames up in my bedroom, thats going in one of them haha. So cute!