Saturday, 18 June 2011

Mishka Autumn/Winter (Behind the Scenes)

On Tuesday I conducted some exciting interviews for Mixmag, shadowing a Mishka shoot for the Autumn/Winter lookbook. It was shot by Steve Glashier (brilliant video director and photog) with a tiny team led by Laurence, with me shooting behind-the-scenes images. Very exciting to find out he directed Kila Kela "Built Like An Amplifier" (one of my faves) and Juliette and the Licks "Hot Kiss". Also got some very good advice from him!

Amazing video for Fatboy Slim...

and his showreel:

Who is this Jimmy Fingers?! Sort of like a UK Har Mar Superstar?! Amazing.

Anyway, during the course of the day I was lucky enough to speak to Redlight (DJ Clipz), Peigh, Alix Perez, Subscape and Rod Azlan, who I chatted to in depth about Chatham, the people in it and how his vision of it is -"it's like Brick Lane but with no money"! He is actually from the Medway area himself, so it was interesting to talk to someone so successful doing what he loves about the town and what it holds for us creative types!

I have transcribed the interviews (I did this on the tube while laughing to myself about how I had to record Redlight's again in high speed voices because we didn't press record first time and Rod talking about chips!) but I won't put them up yet until they're all sorted and finalised with Mixmag, as there are two more to come!

Here is one of the images, only sharing it so early just because they used the amazing David Walker's artwork as the background for the shot of Subscape and Rod Azlan! I sincerely hope they use that for the lookbook, would be great coverage. I'll post links to the Mixmag site when all the stuff is up!

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