Saturday, 18 June 2011

Ryan Callanan Preview

On Thursday (always a Thursday) Nick and I drove down to Brighton to go to the preview of "The Symbols Won't Save Us" at Ink'd Gallery.

Scratchcards for the show... Not telling what's underneath! 
Amazing chair

Spotted a lovely Philippe Starck chair

Grid of smaller works... I loved the heart at the centre (most expenisve... of course)

Support weird indeed....

Ryan and David

A print which was bought for me by the lovely Claire!

Took some snaps and pondered the art, I think RYCA is going in a much better direction with the glass and metal creations in the style of pub signs, which is his background! They really need to be seen up close to appreciate the quality, and it's so surreal to see giant symbols in such high quality materials. I must say I love the new watermelon print too, a lot more refined and in keeping with his style. I even pimped my phone with one of the stickers! Made an effort with my nails too in honour of the show, blue pink and orange! (apologies for the iPhone photo...)


  1. all these exhibitions you go to look amazing! take me to one! :)
    miss you to.

  2. sounds so good cub cub!
    would be lovely to catch up to! oh wow, has he got a website? how cool.

    just added you to my blogroll hun.

  3. haha i know, how cool are we right?
    I did see your post. I saw her too, was such a good night! shes such a babe.

  4. Loveeeee the nails!!!