Saturday, 18 June 2011

If you go down to London Bridge today...

Had a very interesting week staying with the boyfriend, as his birthday came up and he's done basically EVERYTHING in his twenty eight years... so I booked The London Bridge Experience in the morning last minute... (Some interviews I had planned for Mixmag were cancelled the evening before...)

Now, the initial tour with the history of London Bridge is really good with great actors that really set the scene, and kinda freak you out as they're so into it. They're also really funny, kinda Bill bailey style... Nick and I couldn't stop laughing. Our team leader was a twelve year old in a fleece (!) that wasn't scared of ANYTHING. I was a bit annoyed at this because I was so freaked out it was unreal, screaming at everything. However, he has ruined his own fun because what was the point of him being there?! Along with quite a few people who answered the actors with "er... I don't speak English..."

Then they take you to The London Tombs... which you shouldn't do if you have a heart condition or asthma, but Nick decided to forgo his asthmatic condition to join in (as his isn't very serious anyway...) Apparently the tour works wonders for bringing on labour if you're pregnant and overdue... but bear in mind your kid will be born into evil!

This is honestly the scariest thing I've ever done in my life, I don't cope well with being scared (I will easily not sleep for days) with my worst film being "The Ring". I don't really want to spoil it for anyone but if you are anything like me, and could really do without placing yourself in that actual situation... you will love it! Because the adrenaline is amazing, saving me time and money on expensive/dangerous thrill seeking activities like sky diving... seriously, you have to go! Book the early/late bird deal on Ticketmaster and pay 11 quid each. Lovely. Although you walk out onto the streets of London at 12pm and feel like you're in 28 Days Later... every carton dropped by a delivery man made me jump out of my skin, so much so that I had to go sit by the river to chill out. No images sadly, as they are forbidden! But ultimately this is good because you need to go experience the sights, sounds and smells...

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