Thursday, 17 March 2011

Running back to blogger

Like a prodigal son daughter! Fuck you Wordpress, you're too difficult to balance my Usher-loving with. Even the mobile app didn't help my plight. I'll admit it's good, but it makes it into too much of a "thing". Blogging for me was so much more effective when I could quickly update on something I'd done. So for now, it's Blogspot, and Tumblr for all the iphone screengrabs of gigs and street style I should be shooting on the regs.

What has changed since I last posted? Weeellllll...

  • I put on the exhibition I posted about with my group, went down a treat! So many visitors and yummy sponsorship from Vitamin Water
  • My boyfriend has acquired a PS3, as much as I love it and C.O.D Black Ops, I am now usually shunned on a weeknight
  • I've managed to swing a Summer placement at Front Magazine...! Also covering street-style at Lovebox, V and Creamfields for Mixmag (really excited about this), as well as the upcoming Kitsuné x Ponystep party at Heaven on Easter Sunday. What a way to spend it...
  • My wonderful friend Georgina is assisting me in obtaining some Doc Martens, these specifically, I think they will do nicely for stomping around Essex/wandering around fests... maybe pick up some Hunters too! Now that I have silly long hair I also want a floppy hat.

  • I have decided to continue my studies in third year whilst commuting from home. It's close to Stratford, which has a direct high speed train to Uni, so I will save a fortune. I'm travelling so much at the mo anyway it makes sense...
  • Probably loads of other stuff I will update as and when, my poor brain isn't functioning today!

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